Individual Monthly Club Competitions

Each month Shooting Academy Club members can compete in the monthly club competitions. These individual competitions are not timed and can be shot at any time during a calendar month. Each month the verified scores are tallied and the month’s winners recorded. At the end of the year, awards are presented for the top shooter for each type of individual competition.

To compete, simply complete the competition, enter the results into the club system and ask an Range Officer to verify your results.

Interclub Competitions

Each month the Shooting Academy Club hosts an Interclub competition. These competitions are open to all SAC members with a Category H licence or PPL licence after the first 6 months. Members of other clubs are also welcome to attend (with an entry fee). Following is the schedule of this years competitions. Competitions start at 6:30 p.m. Please arrive at 6 p.m. if you are new to the Interclub Competitions to register and complete paperwork.

Calendar of Events for 2018.

Date Competition Timed or Elimination
14-Feb Plate Challenge Timed
14-Mar Speed Event Elimination
11-Apr Falling Plates (Glockoff) Timed
9-May IPSC Tyro Timed
13-Jun Flying M Elimination
11-Jul Speedload Challenge Timed
8-Aug Speed Event ID Elimination
12-Sep Falling Plates Timed
10-Oct IPSC Tyro Timed
14-Nov Plates Elimination Elimination
12-Dec Mystery Comp ????

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